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  • 2018-11-08
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About Chasing Stars

Chasing Stars is a tap mobile game based on stars, particles and cosmos.
All interactive happenings take put inside a circle covering the width of the screen.(Observable area)
Your objective is to tap and burst the stars as they appear before they self destruct and explode. The player dies if any star is missed or if the player taps in empty space.
Game gets faster as time progresses.
There are extra shooting stars(blue) and meteors(red) which carry positive and negative scores respectively if tapped. Hence, avoid the meteors. Player is not affected even if they are missed.
They occur at random time and position. Their speed and the score they carry also increases with time. So riskier the shooting star, more its worth!
What are you waiting for, start chasing them right away! :D

Are you bored at any time of the day?
Want to pass some time?
Are you waiting in a long queue no idea what to do?
Stuck up in Ads between your favorite TV Show?
Waiting in a restaurant for food?
Want to relieve some stress by bursting or popping something?

Just give this 1 a try.

Chasing Stars is an evolved concept of bubbles popping. The mobile game might look very simple in the beginning but gets difficult rather quickly.

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There are 3 various modes which you can play -

1.Classic - Don't miss the main stars. Contains shooting stars and meteors.

2.Rush - Rate of stars increases with time

3.Endless(Locked) - No time limit. Play at your own pace. Stars wont self destruct. Can be played as a stress buster.

Start chasing!

The mobile game is available offline, that is, you needn't sign in to play.
But if you wish to obtain listed in the Leaderboards, you've to sign in.


This mobile game includes optional in-app purchases.

New Features: A tap game inspired from stars and cosmos. Tap to burst stars before they self destruct.

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More Info:
Device: 4.1 and up Content: Chasing Stars hack tricks Rating:
Latest update: 2018-11-08 Downloads: 50- Type: reviews, guides, tips
Size: no data Title: Chasing Stars cheats from players Device: Android
Author: Resurge Labs File Name: com.ResurgeLabs.ChasingStars Category: Casual
Added Version: 1.0 Content Rating: Everyone Game type: Apk


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